Tuesday, July 14, 2009

David Beckham back to Premier League?

Well well well, what we have here. It seems like a breaking news. Don't you think guys? When Beckham left premier league, I thought the general impression was that he would never return to premier league. NOT TO ANY CLUB. But now he says its possible?

What do you think? Is it really?

For me being a football fan, its a real real cool story. And I think it will stir up the premier league. Spice up the matches.

If he returns to premier league, I guess he would most probably be joining Chelsea. May be cause Carlo Ancelotti seemed to like him back at AC Milan. eh?? :)

Anyways, I m suspecting some big club can get him. If they want. and being a professional I don't think he would mind coming back to England. He wants to prove himself to Capello as well. How many years he got ?? 1 or 2?

Let's see what happens.

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