Thursday, July 30, 2009

Liverpool can win premier league this season if ...

Liverpool is my team. My club. Despite the fact that I adore the game, I still prefer cheering for my own team first. I had to put this post up. I just had to. I want to know, what other people think.

Last season, we came very very close to the premier league crown. All we had to do was just push a little more, a little more effort. A little more luck.

This season, we have added a good wing man. Glen Johnson. Yeah, he would really add to the flare. But giving up Xabi Alonso is not what I look forward to at all. It was Alonso, that helped the team stick together and win the games, when Steven Gerrard was out. I remember, we scored on average 4 goals a game, in a months time. We went through Manchester United, Arsenal and other good teams of the Barclays Premier League.

I still think we can win, all i want is to keep Xabi Alonso, and add one more fierce striker ahead with Torres and Gerrard. It will be a blaster.

Fingers Crossed.

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