Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rafa Benitez going for David Villa ??

I just got to read this news here at The Sun. Okay for an instance I had to stop and think, that is it possible?

Looking at it with the news i have read in the past few weeks. David Villa rejected the bids from Real Madrid, and Barcelona. I guess these two clubs are the big ones right now. But he rejected it. It seems he is really loyal to Valencia. And that is a good sign.

But I thought of another angle to it, I dont know how much its possible. What if Villa, don't wanna join any other Spanish Club, due to his loyalty to Valencia ??

Rafa, is going to use the money, he will get by the sale of Xabi Alonso. Seems logical. Well lets hope this happens somehow. Would be awesome for liverpool.

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